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We help media outlets nationwide find experts, sources, and content for their stories.

How it Works

Journalists: Find a Source

1. Submit a Request

If you are a journalist, send us an email and let us know a) what media outlet you are with, b) what kind of source you are looking for, c) what response you want from each source, and d) the deadline. Click here to send us an email.

2. We Gather Sources

We will contact potential sources and gather the responses you need. We contact sources through partners, our inhouse database of expert sources, and through direct one-to-one outreach.

3. Receive Responses

Once we have collected responses, we will send you the responses in a spreadsheet, which includes information about each source. We include the source's first and last name, title (if any), company name or organization name, email address, phone number, website, and their response to your request.

A Few Media Outlets We Have Worked With

Become a Source

Becoming a source for HelpTheMedia is by invitation only. Unfortunately, you cannot contact us to volunteer yourself or your client as a source. If you would like to become a source, you must receive an invite directly from HelpTheMedia or from one of our partners.

Please do NOT contact us asking to become a source. An invite is the only way in.

Contact HelpTheMedia

Journalists, if you need to find a source, click here to send us a request for a source.
Do not use the contact form below to submit a request for a source.

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